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I’m Angela, a hapa* and this blog is a space for me to share my adventures in food (growing, preserving, seasonal cooking), sustainability, travel and outdoor adventures. I want to share skills and knowledge that I have acquired so far, and continue to research and discuss topics relevant to a sustainable and healthful lifestyle.

Over the years my relationship with food has turned into somewhat of an obsession. It was this love for cooking (and let’s be honest, eating) that sparked my interest in sustainable agriculture. I have spent time working on organic farms and am holding onto the dream of one day having my own farm.

I was fortunate to have grown up surrounded by ethnic diversity which, from an early age, exposed me to different food cultures. Traveling also plays a large role in my food journey, always searching for new food experiences and  inspiration. The food I cook is focused on seasonal whole food ingredients, inspired by my travel experiences, the people I’ve met and the changing seasons.

I hope you join me on my adventures!

*Hapa | a term used to describe a person of mixed ethnic heritage, in my case half japanese and half caucasian