Avocado Cashew Ranch Dip

avocado cashew ranch dip

There’s something magical about the combination of herbs, the lemony tang and the vibrant green colour. Creamy and savoury this dip is sure to be a hit. Gluten free, dairy free, legume free – it’s a perfect addition to your spring crudité platter, served up with some roasted veggies… or as a dip for chips. It’s so delicious you’ll have a hard time not eating by the spoonful.

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Sauerkraut 3 Ways

Sauerkraut 3 ways (cabbage and caraway, beet and cabbage, curtido - onion, carrot, cabbage)

Around here we eat some sort of ferment at least once a day. A welcome addition to any meal, tangy and salty these three ferments are just a few that I make on rotation. The classic caraway sauerkraut is Adrian’s favourite. While I love the vibrant hue and the subtle earthiness of the beet cabbage sauerkraut, the curtido (cabbage, carrot and onion) might be my new favourite.

Curried Chickpeas

curried chickpeas

Warming spices, aromatic ginger and garlic, saucy deliciousness. A quick and easy weeknight meal. Simmer chickpeas in a large pot with pureed tomatoes, spices and steeped black tea. Cook up a pot of rice and you’ll be eating a hearty comforting meal, better than any take out chickpeas in no time at all.

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