Smashed Cucumber Salad with Peanuts and Chile Oil

Originating from China, pai huang gua, is a smashed cucumber salad often flavoured with garlic, chiles, and rice vinegar. Served as an appetizer or a side dish this salad is full of flavour and texture. This is my take on a smashed cucumber salad. Cool and crunchy with a touch of spice, this is an easy way to eat more cucumbers than you thought possible in one sitting.  

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Onion Pakoras

Onion Pakoras

am definitely lover of nearly anything that’s crunchy and salty. When I feel hunger setting in, rarely do I reach for the chocolate stashed in the fridge (hidden from my chocolate fiend partner), but rather it’s the chips that call my name, and well anything salty really. So when I go out for Indian food I almost always order pakoras, not even realizing how easy they are to make at home. The perfect balance of texture and taste.

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