Grow it: Planting Garlic

Garlic for planting

If you plant one thing in your garden, I think it should be garlic. A cool season crop that is easy to grow, low maintenance and immensely rewarding. Once you grow your own garlic, you’ll have a hard time going back to the store bought (often bleached and shipped from who knows where) varieties. There’s some kind of magic when it comes to growing garlic… you put a single clove in the ground and 9 months later you have a fully formed head with the most juicy and delicious cloves you’ve ever eaten!

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Orange Beef and Broccoli

Orange Beef and Broccoli

A little sweet, a little spicy and a lot savoury…here we have large pan of (grass fed and finished, local) ground beef and some early season local organic broccoli, that we smother in an orange sauce creating a meal that is so So SO tasty! This recipe is super flexible, don’t have broccoli on hand? no problem substitute some kale, cabbage or kholrabi. No ground beef? use ground pork, chicken or turkey. The options are nearly endless and the results are truly satiating.

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