A Nautical Bachelorette


Last Saturday the amazing maid of honour threw a fantastic bachelorette for our friend and lovely bride to be. With a wedding a few weeks away, on a remote BC island, at a summer camp, our bride is not what some might call your typical bride. Something different, low-key and outdoorsy was necessary to celebrate our very special lady. After a bit of planning, emailing and sorting of details the surprise was ready.

We started off the evening with dinner and drinks at Nuba on Broadway. This restaurants could not have been a more perfect choice. Whenever I go to Nuba nearly always order La Feast, and I have never been disappointed. We all opted to get the shared menu, which ended up being more food than any of us could really finish. Nuba was also amazingly accommodating to any food allergies that existed within our group (and let me tell you, they were plenty), from nut allergies to wheat intolerance everyone left thoroughly satiated.

The theme was nautical (these DIY totes would have been very appropriate). So donned in blue and white stripes we moved our party to the Jericho Sailing Club where our boat, and captain Paul, awaited us. We boarded the boat and set off to English Bay to watch the Celebration of Light fireworks. As the sun set behind us we sipped bourbon, ate heart-shaped fruit and talked until dark celebrating our bride to be. I had seen the heart-shaped strawberry and watermelon skewers over at We Seek Joy, and found them so perfectly pretty that I had to make them.

Bobbing in the water, surrounded by what seemed like hundreds of other boats, we anxiously awaited the fireworks. The Celebration of Lights is the largest offshore fireworks competition in the world. With the barge in sight and a cloudless sky we had the best seats in the house.  Watching the fireworks from a boat was a new experience. The fireworks were a terrific display of shapes and colours, echoing into the distance. Something about the loud bang and twinkling explosions in the sky get me every time.

Thanks to everyone for such a fantastic evening. I hope you, our bride to be, had a night to remember!


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  1. Beautiful Angela! Thanks for posting and for the treats. I’m regretful that I didn’t try your watermelon drink…too distracted by the bourbon!

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